AFDA talks to Susan Standring

Susan Standring / Practice Director, Carr Design Group and 2017 AFDA Judge

What does your role encompass as Practice Director at Carr Design?
My focus is providing strategic direction and leadership of the practice and at a project level.  To analyse how and where the combination of business with design becomes synergistic and drives excellence, feeds my curiosity.

Having worked closely on some of Australia’s most exciting design projects, what excites you about the rise in Australian furniture design?

.  The depth in analysis within our industry, across all design professions in learning from the past, interrogating crafting techniques and production and then being forward thinking in approach of new materials and processes.  The resulting interpretation and transformation into something ‘amazing’.

The sensitivity and astuteness of designers and their ability to formulate a human behavioural response through design.


What is the process you go through to choose particular fittings and furniture for a space?
Addressing all sensory factors ie: visual aesthetic in form and proportion, kinesthetic engagement,  sound (eg: sitting in a chair, touching a door handle, pressing a button), even the scent that it exudes.  Then my business considerations comes into play on value for money, with respect to the product quality and its lifecycle


What will you be looking for in the winning design?
Extending from learning from the past and looking into the future, it is the innovate thinking demonstrated through the design. 

The combination of originality, innovation, balanced with function is important. 

Understanding the brief/the drivers and how the design responds and exemplars how it is fit for its purpose

Challenging our preconceptions